Luke Hemsworth on Which ‘Westworld’ Co-Star He Surfs With and Which He’s Afraid to Dine With

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Luke Hemsworth, the brawny older brother to Chris and Liam Hemsworth, recently chatted with Vulture about his first foray into American entertainment with his performance in HBO’s mysterious new series Westworld. During the chat, the 35-year-old Aussie opened up about the show’s long journey to production and how he kicks back with his co-stars when the work is done.

I mean, this project has been going for so long. I think I auditioned way back at the start, and I auditioned for James Marsden’s character. As did 5,000 other people,” Luke said when discussing winning his part in the new sci-fi drama in which he plays the head of a fictional amusement park’s security team. “It then went away and morphed and did all of its bits and pieces, and then it came back, and [casting director] John Papsidera suggested I come in for the role of [Ashley] Stubbs. It was a no-brainer to me. I was absolutely going to jump onboard.”

In the show, Stubbs is a no-nonsense ex-military type charged with keeping the guests in Westworld safe while corralling the possibly conscious hosts, which is just one of the difficult philosophical questions the show poses.

“The fact is that they’re not human and, in his eyes, they don’t require the emotional attention that humans do,” Luke said about his character’s approach when dealing with the park’s residents, some of whom are played by Thandie Newton and Evan Rachel Wood. “He’s a lot like me: He’s a little bit cynical, a little bit sardonic, a little bit irate.”

But the experience has also allowed Luke to find some common ground, er waves, with co-star Jeffrey Wright, who surfs with Hemsworth as often as possible.

“Me and Jeffrey Wright were hanging out a lot. We go surfing a fair bit when he’s on the West Coast. He’s a legend,” Luke said. “He’s like a 10-year-old grown-up, frothing. So every chance he can, he’ll head down this way, down to Malibu, when he’s on this side. He surfs a lot on the East Coast, too, when there’s swells.”

But, while he’s right at home with some of his colleagues, others like Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins have Luke a bit terrified. So much so, he has avoided the veteran actor on occasion.

“Yeah, I mean, he actually invited me to have breakfast with him and I just couldn’t do it because … I just … it’s too scary! It’s exactly that reaction of like, ‘I can’t go and have breakfast — you’re Tony Hopkins! What am I going to talk about?’”

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