Rita Ora Talks Hosting ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ Her New Album, and the One Thing She’ll Never Wear

Rita Ora Slams Those 'Becky with the Good Hair' Rumors Once Again
Rita Ora denied that she was the infamous "Becky with the good hair" on Beyoncé's Lemonade album — again

It may seem like Rita Ora’s been laying low, but she’s been working  — hard.

In the latest issue of Paper Magazine, Ora opens up about her newest upcoming projects, including hosting the reboot of America’s Next Top Model and a brand new album. “I don’t think just taking a photo is enough anymore,” she said of the next generation of ANTM contestants. “We focus on how you’re going to create a fan base on social media, how you’re going to make people want to imitate you. That for me is the difference between somebody who’s just a regular model and somebody who’s a superstar.”

“I’m lucky to have friends in this industry, and I thought maybe if I call them and we create a credible panel and give a different perspective of America’s Next Top Model, I could actually be the host,” she explained. “I’m not here to tell them what to do. I’m here to show them that they can do this, too. I’m an example of what you can achieve because it’s worked.”

As for her music, Ora’s been working in the studio on her first studio album with her new label, Atlantic Records, whom she signed with after a very public split with Jay Z’s Roc Nation.  “I’m so happy [to go into the studio] because I can take my extensions out, put my cap on and hibernate in a cave and just make great songs with my label, who is awesome and who has my back,” she said. While her new work will officially be her second studio album, it will mark her official debut in America. Even though her 2012 album Ora, debuted at the top of the charts in the UKit was never officially released stateside.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Paper Magazine

When Ora isn’t busy working on her music, she can be found working on her various fashion lines. “I like being beautiful, but I like doing it in my way. I think that’s what’s important. Anyone can wear clothes; it’s just about how you wear them and how you inspire people,” she said of her love of the fashion world. Even though she insists anyone can wear anything, there is one item of clothing you’ll never see the singer wear: ballet flats. “They’re disgraceful. I just find them so unflattering. It looks like you dipped your foot halfway in goo and then pulled it out,” she said. “Where’s the support? Where’s the structure? Where’s the sexiness of it?