WATCH: Which One of These Celebrities Is Often Mistaken for an Olsen Twin?

The Olsen twins could rebrand as triplets if they just let Dakota Fanning into their family.

The American Pastoral actress told James Corden and his Late Show guests, including Full House alum John Stamos, that she has a history with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

“I watched all their movies that they made,” said Fanning. “We all went to the same high school at different times, and I’m friends with their younger sister.”

Their connection runs so deep that she’s often mistaken for one of the twins while she’s out and about.

“It’s funny, they come into my life a lot because there’s a man that lives – well, I don’t know where he lives – but he stands on my corner in New York where my apartment is, and he always would say to me, ‘Hey Olsen! Hey Olsen!’” Fanning told Stamos, Corden, and Shaquille O’Neill.

No; the man is not Bob Saget as Stamos suggested, so Fanning continues on with her day and does not engage when her “fan” any more than that.

Watch the interview with Fanning in the video at the top of the page.