Lady Gaga Drops ‘A-Yo,’ the Latest Crowd-Pleaser from ‘Joanne’

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Cover Art for Lady Gaga's Track 'A-Yo'
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Lady Gaga may be dialing back on the egg vessels and meat dresses for the rollout of her new album Joanne, but that doesn’t mean she’s skimping on the rowdy, dance-floor-ready tunes her fans adore this go round. Today (Oct. 18, 2016), Gaga debuted her new track “A-Yo,” a clear departure from the forthcoming album’s previous singles.

Sure, Gaga’s album might have already leaked. But if you’re a loyal Gaga lover, then we’re betting you want to enjoy every step, and every new hat, leading up to the new album’s Oct. 21, 2016 release.

With her first single “Perfect Illusion,” the 30-year-old nodded to the sometimes-somber club anthems of the ‘80s and ’90s a la Kylie Minogue, Madonna and Cher. She followed that up with “Million Reasons,” a piano ballad showcasing the singer’s vast range and evoking master-class songwriters like Neil Young.

With “A-Yo,” Gaga’s released the album’s first devil-may-care ditty propelled by a clap-track, growling guitar and Gaga’s husky invitation to debauchery. This one is destined to play on a loop while getting ready, while riding to the club, and just when the room starts spinning.

Here’s the new track: