Shay Mitchell Admits She’s ‘Scared Sh*tless’ of Life After ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Big things are happening for Shay Mitchell. After playing Emily Fields for almost a decade on Pretty Little Liars, the actress is moving on and bidding farewell to Rosewood for good.

For the actress, she plans on expanding herself and broadening her horizons after her show ends. Whether it’s writing a book or starting her own YouTube channel (both of which she’s already done, mind you), Mitchell wants to take on the world.

“My generation realizes you can be multihyphenated,” the 29-year-old, who graces the cover of Self, tells the magazine. “You don’t have to stay in a box. Just because you started off in one industry doesn’t mean you can’t jump into another one. I wouldn’t say that acting is a stepping-stone, per se. But it’s another step in the direction of where I want to go.”

CREDIT: Carlos Serrao/Self

She adds, “The message I’m trying to put out there is that you can do whatever you want to do, and if I’m going to say that, I need to do it myself.”

With several projects already lined up and an athleisure clothing line under her belt, it’s hard to imagine that Mitchell wants to take on more duties. However, that’s exactly what she wants to do after Pretty Little Liars.

“I want to do my own stunts,” Mitchell, who’s expressed that she wants to join an action-movie franchise, says. “Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby—I would love to do that.”

“When [my friends] see a script for action films like Mission: Impossible, they’re like, ‘Shay, are you going out for that?’ Because that’s the direction I want to go in,” she continues. “We are all so supportive of each other.”

CREDIT: Carlos Serrao/Self

After the finale in 2017, Mitchell will star in a thriller called Cadaver, in which she plays a former cop and recovering addict who works at the morgue. While she’s admittedly excited for what’s to come, Mitchell is still a little nervous about getting outside her comfort zone.

“This is a big push for me,” she confesses. “I’m going to be scared shitless.”

CREDIT: Carlos Serrao/Self