Cher Is ‘Horrified’ at the Thought of Donald Trump as President

Cher cannot imagine a world with Donald Trump as president — or Melania as the First Lady.

“I’m horrified. With every fiber of my real self I could not imagine a world where there was a President Trump,” she told Extra’s Mario Lopez on Tuesday (Oct. 18, 2016). “I don’t know how other people cannot see he really is unhinged.”

“Could you imagine him, there being a crisis and they break in the news and he’s at the podium saying North Korea just sent a missile to South Korea, but Scotland is doing great,” she added. “This guy knows nothing about politics, the government, the world.”

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Cher isn’t a fan of his wife, Melania, either. “She goes down the staircase in the beginning, then she is just there with him and then there’s all the naked pictures, and then she has that speech and you go to Mrs. Obama’s speech and it’s like that, then he does the thing on the bus and she goes, ‘that’s boy talk, and Billy egged him on and those girls are lying,’” she said.

But besides speaking out against Trump, the music legend also discussed her upcoming Classic Cher tour and what she hopes to give fans.

“I’m trying to give people something that if they come to the show and they’ve been a fan that they will get all the things that they loved,” Cher, 70, revealed.