Ciara Gushes About Married Life with Russell Wilson: ‘Life Is a Honeymoon’

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Ciara joined Kelly Ripa as a co-host this morning on Live with Kelly and had a lot of exciting things to tell the audience.

Since Ciara had last seen Ripa, she’s tied the know with quarterback Russell Wilson in a castle wedding in England and couldn’t help but gush over her new husband. “You know what, I feel like after a special day like that life is a honeymoon within itself,” she said when asked if she and her new hubby enjoyed a honeymoon.

Ripa, who’s been married for more than 20 years, gave a little of her own advice, warning the singer that the years go by fast. “I’m trying to do it like you,” Ciara told the host. “Making the best of life.”

But her extravagant wedding wasn’t the only exciting thing that’s happened to the singer. Ciara revealed that she was named the Global Ambassador for Revlon last night (Oct. 18, 2016) in NYC. “Dreams do come true,” the singer said of her new role before revealing the interesting connection her name has to the brand.

“My name came from the actual fragrance from Revlon, Ciara. So my mom, she was torn between two different names that had nothing to do with Ciara and my dad bought her the fragrance at the commissary on the military base, called Ciara by Revlon. And she named me that,” she explained. “I say thank you to my mama for naming me Ciara because you put it in the universe for me!”

While Ciara was happy to gush about all of the good things happening in her life, she stayed tight-lipped over the rumors she’s expecting baby number two. Two sources close to the couple tell E! that the singer is, in fact expecting a baby with Wilson. But for now, Ciara seems content wearing slightly loose-fitting clothing and keeping fans guessing.