Report: Gary Busey Allegedly Groped Female ‘Apprentice’ Staffer, and Donald Trump Just Laughed It Off

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As more sexual assault allegations are leveled at Donald Trump, a new report says the Republican presidential nominee also allegedly condoned the same crude behavior in others on Celebrity Apprentice.

Case in point: According to The Daily Beast, Gary Busey, an Apprentice contestant in 2011, allegedly sexually assaulted a female employee by “grabbing” her and placing his hand “firmly between [her] legs,” along with placing her hand on his crotch.

Several former Apprentice staffers, including the victim herself, described the incident to The Daily Beast, and they said Trump not only knew but just laughed with Busey about it.

A staff source said, “This was brought to Trump’s attention later, and there was something when he questioned Busey in the boardroom about it, and the resolution was Trump saying, ‘Keep your hands to yourself,’” adding that they heard Trump saying, “Gary, did you do a bad thing… [and] got your hands where they’re not supposed to be.” The two of them were “yukking” it up as Trump was supposedly disciplining him. Another insider recalled Trump calling Busey a “bad boy, a very bad boy.”

The GOP nominee has been accused of inappropriately touching at least 10 women up to this point, following the release of a 2005 video with Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush, in which he boasted of grabbing women “by the pussy.”

Bush lost his job at the Today show because of the video, just as Melania Trumpdefended her husband on CNN, saying Bush “egged” her husband on. Smh.