Kris Jenner Opens Up About How Kim Kardashian is Coping Since Her Armed Robbery

Last night (Oct. 18, 2016), Khloé Kardashian launched her own luxury denim line, Good American, alongside her mother, Kris Jenner.

While Jenner could not have been more proud of Khloé for her latest business venture, her thoughts were still very much with her daughter Kim Kardashian, who was home, still dealing with the aftermath of her armed robbery. “It’s a process,” Jenner told E! News of Kim’s recovery. “One day at a time. It’s a process.”

Jenner ensured she’s doing everything in her power to help Kim feel safe, including surrounding her with friends and family and making sure she spends plenty of time with her kids.

While Kim skipped the launch event, her impact was still very much felt as the Kardashian family made sure the event had ample security. Sources say there were at least 20 armed security guards, as well as police officers patrolling the event which took place at The Grove in LA. Fans had their bags checked and were scanned with handheld metal detectors before being allowed into the cordoned-off area.

Khloé and Kris, along with the Good American “squad,” walked the red carpet and took the stage, but sister Kourtney Kardashian opted to support from afar, congratulating her sister when she made her way back to the private area.

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