Shia LaBeouf Hilariously Avoids Talking About His New Marriage with James Corden

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Shia LaBeouf paid a visit to Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.

Shia LaBeouf stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden last night to promote his recent performance art project #TakeMeAnywhere, but he wouldn’t reveal any details about his new married life with Mia Goth.

“Shia has just got married ladies and gentleman…incredible, so happy for you,” host James Corden announced when LeBeouf joined him on stage before asking, “You got married in Vegas right?”

“Yes sir,” LaBeouf replied, smiling. “With an Elvis impersonator?” Corden continued.“Yes sir,” LaBeouf repeated.

LaBeouf continued the “yes” game:

“Was it everything you hoped it would be?” Corden asked.

“Yes sir,” LaBeouf said again.

“Will you say ‘yes sir’ to everything I ask you on this show?” the host mused.

“Yes, sir!” LaBeouf joked.

While it seemed as though LaBeouf didn’t want Corden to know anything about his private life, it’s clear he thinks nothing but the best of the host. “Real deal,” LaBeouf told the audience about Corden. “This is a good dude right here, for real… really like no TV jokes, like seriously.”

Later on in the show when Corden and LaBeouf had a particularly intense bonding moment, all of the lights on set went out and LaBeouf commanded the whole room work together to get them back on. Launch the video up top to see what happened.