REPORT: Tyga Got Sick and Super-Forgetful When Asked How He Paid for Gifts for Kylie Jenner 

Tyga was called to court yesterday (Oct. 18, 2016) to be questioned about whether or not he can afford to pay celeb jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills the $200,000 he owes him for two high-end pieces of jewelry.

The famed jeweler hired the same lawyers who got Tyga’s former landlords the settlement they were after when the rapper’s crew allegedly trashed and abandoned the building.

But according to TMZ, something strange happened when Jason’s lawyer Boris Treyzon began questioning Tyga about the money he splashes out on his girlfriend Kylie Jenner for the countless gifts she receives, including a Mercedes for her birthday. The hip-hop performer reportedly he said he wasn’t feeling well, got confused and lost his memory. He also asked that hearing be put on hold.

Now, the hard part here is fans of Kylie know she doesn’t hesitate to show her gratitude on social media when her fella gives her swanky gift after swanky gift. Meaning it’s near impossible to debate the presents he gifts his young girlfriend.

Here’s hoping Tyga feels better soon…