Alicia Keys Explains How Meditation Has Changed Her Life

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On Monday (Oct, 17, 2016), Alicia Keys spoke at the WME Together conference in Brooklyn, where she discussed how she’s changed after becoming a mother and what it took to find some peace of mind.

It definitely has given me a whole new perspective,” she told the audience [via People]. “I’m overly accommodating, like sickeningly so. I’m becoming better at that.”

Keys also discussed incorporating meditation into her daily life and how it has changed her outlook in all facets of her life.

“It’s been really important for me,” Keys said. “I started time and time [again], tried it, fell asleep. But now it’s a need. It’s a yearning, a desire.”

The Grammy winner went on to explain that regardless of how busy her day is, she finds the time to meditate and take a breath.

“Some days I have 15 minutes, some days I have 40 minutes, some days I have five minutes where I have to take that time, because if I don’t I literally feel off,” she shared. “And I can tell the difference in the choices that I’m making… my center is off. I feel shaken a bit more, but when I do it I feel sturdy.”

The event’s moderator Jennifer Rudolph Walsh used the example of flight attendants’ instructions to put on your own oxygen mask before helping those around you as a metaphor for the importance of meditation and self-care.

“That’s my favorite thing they say on the plane,” Keys responded. “Like, ‘You don’t do that, you don’t secure your own mask? What’s the matter with you?’ And somehow I do that same thing.”

On Wednesday, Keys turned heads dressed head-to-toe in black on the red carpet at the 13th annual Keep A Child Alive Black Ball in New York, a charity that works to support families with HIV and AIDS around the world. Check out the photos in the gallery above!