Hugh Jackman Is One of the Last Mutants in the First Trailer for ‘Logan’

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Since the first X-Men film debuted in 2000, the role of superhero movies has gone through one heck of a metamorphosis. What began as polished summer popcorn movies became highbrow drama with The Dark Knight trilogy and psychological and existential examination with Watchmen. Now, with the new trailer for Logan, beloved comic book characters are inhabiting a new grim world, offering just how exciting this genre can get.

Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine, the rebellious smart aleck of the X-Men. Except now he’s alone, and he doesn’t heal as he once did. Likewise, Professor X (Patrick Stewart) is old and sick, lying in a giant abandoned structure. The only real ray of hope is a young mysterious girl who the Professor says is “very much like” Wolverine.

The tone of the trailer is a stark contrast to nearly all previous superhero films. Instead of a rollicking dance track punctuating clips of dazzling fight scenes and witty one-liners, Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” brilliantly frames a very human story about one man’s struggle to find hope in a bleak and hostile landscape. Although perhaps not for everyone, this new R-rated film hints at something bold and new in a pretty well-traveled comic book universe.

Logan arrives March 3, 2017.