RZA Breaks Silence on Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe Dust-Up

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Azealia Banks Abandons Record Deal with RZA
Azealia Banks opens up about the aftermath of her Russell Crowe altercation.

Rapper RZA finally spoke up about the recent altercation between singer Azealia Banks and actor Russell Crowe at a hotel party.

After a confrontation with Crowe and another guest, Banks claims that the Oscar winner called her the N-word, picked her up, spit on her, and threw her out of the room.

Other witnesses, however, claim Banks insulted Crowe’s music, and when a woman came to his defense, the singer threatened her with a glass. This is when the actor physically removed Banks from the room.

RZA told TMZ Live that while Crowe did spit at Banks, he never called her the N-word nor did he choke her. According to the music producer, Banks was “out of control and violent” and hinted she may have been inebriated. He added Crowe was just trying to prevent her from intentionally cutting another guest with a glass and told cops the same story.

The rapper also posted a detailed account of the incident on his Facebook page.

In the meantime, Banks continues to speak out, saying she feels “stained.” She also abandoned her pending record deal with RZA and filed a battery report with the Beverly Hills Police Department.