Azealia Banks Apologizes to Zayn Malik After Twitter Feud, Russell Crowe Altercation

Hesitant to Press Charges Against Russell Crowe Due to Media Attention, Azealia Banks Claps Back at RZA on Facebook
Azealia Banks will not let her naysayers have the last word when it comes to, well, anything

In light of her recent confrontation with Russell Crowe, Azealia Banks wrote an emotional mea culpa to Zayn Malik for tweeting homophobic and racial slurs at him in May.

According to Us Weekly, who was given the letter by Banks’ rep on Friday (Oct. 21, 2016), the 25-year-old rapper wrote, “There are no words that can fully express how sorry I am. Recent events have taught me the importance of taking accountability for one’s actions. I want and need to say I am sorry, I was wrong.”

In the letter, Banks, who claims Crowe choked her, spit at her and called her the N-word at a hotel party last weekend, wrote that she should know better than to discriminate when she has had the same “hardships.”

She explained, “At times, I am so consumed by my own struggle, and the struggle of my race, that I forget to consider the hardships other minorities continue to endure. Coming from an ethnicity that is largely discriminated against does not warrant a license to use derogatory, abusive terminology nor does it give me the right to make hurtful remarks. I apologize not only to you, Zayn, but to all those I hurt and offended. I am not cruel, nor am I heartless or vindictive. There is a lot of love in my heart and there is good in my soul. What I did was wrong and I am committed to being a better person.”

Banks concluded by asking for forgiveness. “Throughout my transgressions you remained a gentleman and I applaud you for displaying class and maintaining a level head. The world can learn a lot from you and I hope you find room in your heart to accept my sincerest apologies.”

The rapper has stuck to her story about what went down with Crowe, but several eyewitnesses, including RZA, who brought Banks to the party, claim Crowe only acted in defense of his guests.

Banks now says that she is no longer planning to press charges against Crowe because she doesn’t want this narrative to get any more publicity.