Hesitant to Press Charges Against Russell Crowe Due to Media Attention, Azealia Banks Claps Back at RZA on Facebook

Azealia Banks will not let her naysayers have the last word when it comes to, well, anything.

Banks shared her side of the story (again) with Us Weekly following the incident where she got into an altercation with Russell Crowe in his hotel room at his dinner party that she attended as RZA’s guest. “I’ve got youth and beauty, and he’s got beer belly and jowls!” Banks said of her ability to persevere beyond the tiff. “I got music. I got music, and I got youth.”

Though Crowe’s camp argues that the actor didn’t spit on her or choke her as Banks says he did, the “212” rapper agrues that she should have been ushered out of the party politely. “Even if I were being erratic, you should have enough sense to have me escorted out properly,” Banks told Us, “and keep your hands and your spit to yourself.”

Banks says that she is no longer planning to press charges against Crowe because she doesn’t want this narrative to get any more publicity. “Realistically, to be honest, I really don’t want to. Because I just don’t want this in the media. I want my music out. I just want to f–king put my music out,” she said. “I just want my music to shine. I don’t want to be dealing with another episode, another thing, another whatever.”

Following RZA’s interview with TMZ Live that accused her of being “out of control and violent,” Banks spoke up a few more times on Facebook in her own defense. First, she claimed that her record deal with RZA’s label is still “on the table,” but that RZA was cut out of the deal for being a “cornball.” Then she said that his interview with TMZ was based on an “entire made up theory.”

“You mean to tell me, that a 300lb man needed to use ALL OF THAT FORCE, to remove an “erratic” guest from a party?” she wrote. “My uber records/hotel surveillance shows me arriving to the party at 9:45pm, the incident occurred around 2:45am, i were supposedly erratic, how did I possibly end up spending THAT MUCH time at your party. If I were this supposed party monster, how the FUCK did ruselll find time to tweet a link to my song?”

She concluded her statements by thanking her fans. And sharing freestyle videos of herself. And sharing cute photos of herself. “I need to take full advantage of the hatred people have for me,” wrote Banks. “Regardless of whether or not I am liked, I’m ALWAYS being written about/looked at. There needs to be more ***ty snaps of me to quench my haters thirst. It’s only fair.”