Brad Pitt Refuses to Respond to Angelina Jolie’s Divorce Petition

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may no longer be on speaking terms, but the actor wants to make sure their pending divorce is as drama-free as possible for the sake of their children.

In an attempt to prevent a long and drawn-out battle in court, which Pitt believes could cause psychological damage to the children, he’s decided not to respond to Jolie’s divorce petition. TMZ reports he was supposed to have filed by Wednesday (Oct. 19, 2o16) but believes filing would create a great division in the family, despite the fact that he plans to fight Jolie for joint physical custody of their kids.

Because Pitt has yet to respond to the petition, Jolie is within her legal rights to ask for a default decision, but both parents agree the well-being of the children is their number one priority. Even though Jolie wants sole physical custody of all six children, she thinks it’s important for Pitt to have an active and full-time role in their lives.

Ultimately, both parties are hoping to settle privately and out of court.