Justin Bieber Goes Off on His Fans for Screaming During His Concerts — Again

Justin Bieber Scolds 'Obnoxious' Fans for Screaming at His Concert
Justin Bieber asked screaming concertgoers to “take a chill pill” during his show...

As Justin Bieber has gotten older, his patience for his enthralled, overjoyed, elated fans at his shows has definitely waned. Earlier this week, the “Sorry” singer tried to calm his feverish supporters at a show, calling their screaming “obnoxious.” Now, the young pop star is at it again.

During a tour stop in the U.K. on Thursday (Oct. 20, 2016), Bieber was talking with the audience about the search for purpose in life when a fan nearby began shouting wildly at the performer. Bieber paused and, with a tinge of annoyance, offered the loud attendee his mic.

They apparently declined.

I don’t mind cutting the bullshit,” Bieber told the audience as the crowds interrupted him with another gale of screams. “I’m just trying to engage but if you guys don’t wanna do that then we can just play the music. This is my purpose.”

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