Perrie Edwards Reveals She Was ‘Homeless’ After Split from Zayn Malik

Perrie Edwards lost more than just a fiancé when Zayn Malik dumped her.

According to the Little Mix singer, she was essentially left without a home when her boyfriend of four years ended their relationship. In her new book with her girl group, Our World, Edwards recalled being afraid to return to England — where the couple shared a £4.2 million residence in North London — knowing that she didn’t have a place to stay anymore.

“After I split with my partner, out of the blue, I had nowhere to go, which was incredibly stressful,” she wrote. “For a while I had no idea what to do.”

Though her bandmates offered to let her crash with them, Edwards said she declined because “they didn’t really have a room.” She also claimed that renting a temporary apartment was nearly impossible because she had pets.

“I realized I was homeless. I was crying every day, dreading coming back,” she remembered. “I told [my manager] I was stressed because I didn’t know what I should do about where to live once I got back to England.”

Worried about her mental well-being, Edwards’ mother eventually worked out a living situation where she was allowed to stay until she had time to find a place of her own.

“Basically, she arranged with Richard Griffiths, one of the owners of Modest! Management, for me to stay in his guest cottage for as long as I needed, until I got on my feet again,” Edwards penned. “Thank god for him. I put all my stuff in storage, took my dogs, and more or less lived out of a suitcase for a good month and a half.”

In the same book, Edwards confirmed rumors that Malik, who is now dating model Gigi Hadidcalled off their engagement with a text message, saying, “It was horrible, the worst time of my life.”

“A four-year relationship, two-year engagement ended by a simple text message. Just like that,” she penned. “Even though things in my career were going really well, it was incredibly difficult time for me.”