Shawn Mendes Goes Shirtless for Hero Magazine

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Shawn Mendes knows he’s got the goods! First, the singer-songwriter showed off his physique in L’Uomo Vogue, now Mendes is going shirtless again for Hero magazine. Guess that’s what you do when you turn 18?

In the new scintillating shoot, Mendes poses undressing, curled up in bed and relaxing on his tour bus, all rendered in vintage black and white. There’s no doubt: the rising superstar takes good care of himself!

The teen also opened up about taking care of his voice while tackling a grueling schedule, which ends in early November.

I’m scared of over-using my voice to be honest with you. I don’t write in a low voice and quietly, when I write I’m singing full volume as hard as I can, as good as I can, because how am I supposed to know if it sounds good if I don’t?”

When asked if he has any unforgettable moments on this tour, Mendes gushed about special night when his parents attended. He also managed to invent a new word.

“When I was in Nashville… it was the night before I turned eighteen and I was just feeling really good, I was up there and I was playing ‘Ruin’ and my mum and dad were there… I just noticed for a second how many people were in front of me and it was just a really heart-whelming feeling.”

Check out the steamy photos in the gallery above!