Adam Levine Responds to Hospitalized Fan’s Maroon 5 Cover

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Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo, had their first child three weeks ago.

Adam Levine made a young fan’s day when he responded to a video of the 16-year-old covering Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved” from his hospital bed.

Maroon 5 fan Will Hunt belted out the song from the intensive care unit of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital while he awaited heart surgery, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Hunt’s father accompanied him on guitar and his brother filmed the cover and uploaded the video to YouTube and Twitter. The video took off and eventually made its way to Levine himself, who tweeted his response.

“It’s hard to express with words what it feels like to know you’ve helped someone in this way. So instead, I’ll just share. Nice job kid. :)”

Hunt was amazed to say the least.

“I can’t breath oh my god. Thank you so much I am your number 1 fan. This is CRAZY,” he tweeted in reply.

According to the video, Hunt is being treated for cardiomyopathy, which will require two surgeries. The second will be a heart transplant.

It’s nice to see Levine, who just had a child of his own, taking the time to make a sick fan’s day.