Celebuzz’s 8 Favorite Things of the Week – Sleep Dot, Califia Nitro Brew, Stance and More

We’ve compiled a list of products, things, people, places and then some, that we are currently obsessed with and personally recommend.

Included in our favorite things this week are (click the links to learn more):

Sleep Dot – Monitor, track and analyze sleep quality.
Califia Nitro Brew – Deliciousness in a bottle.
Stance – The tripod for your phone that you can take anywhere.
Tulip – Never run out of toothpaste again!
Austin Cocktails – Craft cocktails that are ready to drink!
Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch Bar – When a cookie and chocolate meet!
Hard Rock Cafe’s Fall Veggie Menu – Simply delicious.
Naked Princess – A treat for your hands.

Launch the gallery, or click the links above, to learn more about why these are our favorite things of the week.