‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Premiere Recap: Now We Know Who Negan Killed

After a long, arduous, theory-filled wait, The Walking Dead returned with a Season 7 premiere most fans were probably dreading. That question, “Who does Negan kill?” has been dangling over our heads since the gut-punching Season 6 finale so many months ago and now it’s been answered in the most traumatic, graphic way possible. Not going to lie, we are sitting here in a bit of shock.

[SPOILERS: Stop reading here if you’re not caught up]

We’ll just say it right now, quickly, like ripping off the most painful band-aid ever: Both Abraham and Glenn are victims of Negan’s bat, Lucille. Theorists who guessed either are right, but really no one wins.

The episode begins right after the killings, with Rick vowing to kill Negan at some point. Negan finds this amusing but at the same time, he can’t have Rick’s defiance, not under his regime. He drags Rick, with his axe, into the trailer and drives off to teach our guy a lesson.

Negan: “Your best chance is to grab the axe and bury it in the back of my head.” Rick goes for it but of course Negan is just toying with him and stops him. What Negan really wants is for Rick to think about what happened, so he throws the axe out into a horde of walkers and demands Rick go out and get it.

As Rick manages to escape the dead’s clutches, he ends up on top of the trailer, and this is where he “thinks” about what happened. We are immediately taken back to the Season 6 finale, with Negan playing the eeny-meeny game, until his bat lands on Abraham.

The bludgeoning is really hard to watch, probably more graphic than it needed to be. We guess the show’s creators are making a point about how brutal this new villain will be, but it doesn’t seem entirely necessary to show all of that.

“Look at my dirty girl!”Negan exclaims, as he tortures poor Rosita by demanding she look at the bat dripping with blood. Daryl can’t handle it and punches Negan in the jaw. Again, this Savior leader is somewhat amused, and we think maybe Daryl’s number is up, but no. Negan likes Daryl’s spunk.

Now, those who really wanted Glenn to live despite the fact he is killed by Negan in the comic, sigh a bit of relief, but unfortunately, the show stays true to the comic. Negan whacks Glenn in the head, and just before he dies, he looks at Maggie and tries to tell her he’ll find her. We. Are. Destroyed.

Negan returns with Rick but can tell he hasn’t learned his lesson yet. You see, what Negan wants is for Rick to bend to his will and serve him without question. He doesn’t want Rick to keep looking at him like he’s going to kill him. So, Negan puts guns to everyone’s head and almost makes Rick cut Carl’s arm off.

That does it. Rick’s broken. He finally gives Negan the answers and look he wanted to see. Still, Negan knows enough to take some collateral and throws Daryl into his truck. “I like him. He’s mine now,” and if Rick tries to buck the system, he’ll send pieces of Daryl to him one by one. Bye for now, says Negan, see you in a week for some goods.

Like us, the surviving crew are in shock, especially poor, poor Maggie. She wants everyone to go back without her because she blames herself for what happened. If she hadn’t gotten sick and possibly losing the baby, they’d all still be in Alexandria. Thing is, we’re pretty sure Negan would have stormed into Alexandria and killed people anyway.

Man, this is going to be a rough.