Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Probably Had the Most Awkward Night Ever at Drake’s Birthday Party

Imagine going to a party and seeing both your nemesis and ex-boyfriend there. That’s exactly what happened when Taylor Swift and Katy Perry attended Drake’s birthday bash and John Mayer decided to show up.

Though many A-Listers were present at Drizzy’s soirée at new West Hollywood hotspot Delilah this weekend, none probably created as much awkward tension as Swift and Perry, who are said to still be in a major feud after the latter allegedly tried to “sabotage” the former’s tour.

Arriving separately, the two fêted the Canadian rapper with the likes of Jamie FoxxFrench Montana and Shay Mitchell before their mutual ex, who was recently spotted getting cozy with infamous Swift critic Demi Lovato popped by.

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A photo posted by YoungBeardo (@youngbeardo) on

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According to E! News, longtime on-and-off couple Perry and Mayer “spoke throughout the night” and acted very “peacefully” towards one another. On the other hand, Swift, who penned “Dear John” after a brief fling with Mayer in 2010, “didn’t cross paths” with her former flame despite the swanky affair being touted as an “intimate, mellow evening.”

Swift reportedly stuck close to members of her girl squadKarlie Kloss and the girls from Haim were also in attendance — as other guests toasted with Drake’s Virginia Black whiskey at the party.

“Everyone had a great time and got along,” a source told Us Weekly. “No drama.”

It’s a small world after all!