Millie Bobby Brown and Maddie Ziegler Talk ‘Stranger Things’ and Squad Goals

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Millie Bobby Brown and Maddie Ziegler recorded a conversation for Interview Magazine in which they talked about their friendship, their squad and Brown’s hit Netflix series, Stranger Things.

The pair started the conversation by going over how they met. Brown was a big fan of Ziegler from seeing her on So You Think You Can Dance and was able to go see the show live just a few days after Stranger Things premiered on Netflix. Brown was invited backstage to meet Ziegler and says the two hit it off right away.

The next time they met, Brown says Ziegler wouldn’t stop teasing her about the kiss at the end of the series. Even during the interview, Ziegler teases her about it.

“We were talking about Stranger Things being your favorite show because you get to kiss Finn,” Ziegler said, referring to Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike on the show. Brown responded by telling Ziegler she was “an evil, evil person.”

They also talked about who they’d like to add to their squad. Brown insisted that they get Grace VanderWaal, after VanderWaal liked one of her tweets.

They also expressed a need to get a dog squad going, as both Brown and Ziegler have adorable pups that deserve their own Instagram accounts. When they remembered that VanderWall also has a dog, it was just too perfect.

“They could be a mini version of us,” Ziegler said.