So Spoiled: New ‘Westworld’ Clip Teases Retribution Against the Creators 

'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Premiere Recap: Now We Know Who Negan Killed
After a long, arduous, theory-filled wait, The Walking Dead returned with a...

Once a week we like to serve up the most interesting new spoilers we can find from around the web, teasing what fans can expect to see on upcoming episodes of their favorite shows, including The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, The Walking Dead and more!

Obsessed with Westworld yet? The teaser clip for episode five of the series, titled “Contrapasso,” has just been released and offers some enticing details, including a face-to-face meeting between Dr. Ford and the Man in Black. The title is a reference to a form of punishment for sinners in Dante’s Inferno, meaning, literally, “suffer the opposite.” Does this mean that the hosts are about to turn on their designers? [GameSpot]

Does the FBI have a mole on The Blacklist?

“You are correct to worry there may be a traitor amongst us,” EP Jon Bokenkamp said. “Is it in Red’s group? The FBI? I will neither confirm nor deny.” [Entertainment Weekly]

After months and months of speculation, we now finally know who Negan’s victims on The Walking Dead are. In a new Q&A, actor Steven Yeun hints at how Daryl will cope with exacerbating an already horrific situation. [AMC]

Curious if Severide and Kidd’s romance is over on Chicago Fire?

“Severide is always going to be Severide, and I don’t think, as writers, we’re ready to tie Severide down yet,” EP Michael Brandt shared. “It’s fun watching him do his thing. Kidd is a wildcard though, and she’s very interesting and she’s got a lot of spunk — she’s the kind of girl that Severide would be attracted to, but she’s also not the kind of girl who’s going to fall for his antics. So, for now, we’re being true to who the characters are and neither one of them is ready to make the move fully towards the other one.” [Entertainment Weekly]