WATCH: Ben Affleck and His Boston Accent Want New Hampshire Residents to Vote

If Batman can’t get you to vote, no one can.

Being from Massachusetts and all, Ben Affleck puts on his heaviest Bahston accent to urge New England residents — particularly those in New Hampshire — to vote in a new Funny or Die video. Though he refuses to talk about certain curses that have affected those in the area, Affleck is adamant about getting people into the voting booth this November.

“I’m from Boston and Boston is in New England, which means New Hampshire is just like my kid brother,” he begins. “Have you ever been to New Hampshire? It’s fuckin’ beautiful, guy!”

“I’ve been lovin’ on New Hampshire since I was just a baby Pats fan,” Affleck says. “So if you give a shit about women’s rights, if you care about keeping the environment safe for future generations … then guess who’s got your back in this election. That’s right, my basically home state: New Hampshire.”

He adds, “Register to vote, New Hampshire! All of New England is counting on you!”

Watch the Oscar winner speak in a wicked hard accent — above!


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