Jessica Simpson Making Bell-Bottoms Happen Again Leads Today’s Star Sightings

Jessica Simpson Shows Off Killer Curves in Skin-Tight Black Jumpsuit
Forget the little black dress. This little black jumpsuit is where it's at!

Jessica Simpson has very specific preferences when it comes to pants. According to the singer-turned-designer, there are only a few styles she’s willing to wear these days.

“[I’m] normally in sweats,” Simpson recently told People. “I wear sweatpants but I have to wear heels with them.”

As for the oversized bell-bottoms she was recently spotted wearing, the mom-of-two explained that she’s a huge fan of flared pants and hopes the ’70s look will make a comeback very soon — which might explain why she was rocking a fur coat and large, retro-looking shades when she left her New York City hotel on Wednesday (Oct. 26, 2016).

“They make your legs look skinny,” she argued. “That’s all I ever wore in Dukes of Hazard. I just love a good flare jean, and I’ve been trying to push it with all our buyers and now finally they’ve picked up on the trend. So now I’m going to over exaggerate it as much as I can.”

When it comes to vintage fashion, Simpson revealed she’s amassed a huge wardrobe in hopes she can share it with her daughter, Maxwell Drew, one day.

“I’m a keeper for my daughter. All I want to do is keep everything,” she explained. “And everybody is like ‘Throw it out, throw it out.’ But I’m like, ‘No, it’s so important, this is the moment one guy gave me a rose…’ I have a lot of memories. I keep memories. The clothes are memories.”