WATCH: Lady Gaga Explained the ‘Bad Romance’ Lyrics and Now Everything Makes Sense

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Lady Gaga‘s Carpool Karaoke segment was just as informative as it was entertaining.

Do you ever find yourself singing the opening verses to “Bad Romance” and realize, about halfway through, that you have no idea what you’re even saying? In conversation with James Corden, Gaga explained the origin of the “rah rah ah-ah-ah, ro mah ro-mah-mah” lyrics, and now, it all seems so obvious.

“It’s ‘romance.’ It’s ro-ma-a-a-a,” Gaga told Corden, referring to the song’s title. “It’s like the beginning of ‘romance.'”

CREDIT: YouTube/The Late Late Show with James Corden

Throughout their car ride, Corden and Gaga duetted on her previous hits and new tracks from Joanne, including “Poker Face,” “Born This Way,” and “Million Reasons.” TheLate Late Show host let Gaga get behind the wheel while she taught him the quintessential New Yorker’s hand signal that only requires one finger. They reminisced about O-Town songs, Corden replicated her meat dress by laying raw bacon across his body, and they recreated the phone call that she got from the Super Bowl’s executives when they finally asked her to do the halftime show. But rather than try to illustrate their journey for you, kick back with some chilled pinot grigio and enjoy:


Gaga also dropped in on Corden’s monologue at the top of the show to deliver some topical jokes about Donald Trump while Corden was still partially in his underwear. Later, she performed “A-Yo” and played the most pressing round of “would you rather” with Matt LeBlanc, giving him the options of getting jiggy with either Monica or Rachel from Friends. Watch the video below to hear his response.

Prior to Gaga’s appearance on The Late Late Show, Gaga surprised a just-married couple in Central Park’s Strawberry Fields by posing for wedding photos before chartering an unlikely ride out of the park. Watch the sweet video from TMZ in the player below.