The Birthday Presents Keep on Rolling in for Drake Thanks to Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek gave Drake the birthday present that he didn’t know was on his wishlist until it played out on Jeopardy.

The best things in life are unexpected and coincidental, like when your gym offers free pizza on the one night that you decide to attend Zumba or when Drake was an answer on Wednesday’s episode of Jeopardy and Trebeck was forced to rap a portion of the lyrics to “Jumpman.”

“This Canadian rapped, ‘Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, them boys up to somethin’/ Uh, uh, uh, I think I need some Robitussin,’” spat Trebek, leaving one “Jumpman” out, because two was more than plenty. Woke contestant George still knew what was up:

TMZ reports that Taylor Swift received the “VIP treatment” at Drake’s 30th birthday party on Sunday when that he introduced her to his mom and several of his friends. This is nothing to be concerned about, AubRih endorsers: Drake was just being cordial by helping Swift mingle since she is not a regular attendee of his events. Let’s hear it for Champagne Papi, keeping chivalry alive. You go, Champagne Papi.