FKA Twigs Believes ‘Emotional Abuse Can Be Tender’ and ‘Sexy’

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FKA twigs may now be happily dating Robert Pattinson, but that hasn’t always been the case. According to the singer, she’s also been in an “emotionally abusive” relationship with an unnamed ex.

Speaking with ES Magazine, the 28-year-old revealed that the tumultuous romance was what inspired the music video “Papi Pacify,” where a man is seen sticking his fingers down her throat.

“In the relationship I couldn’t communicate. The person I was with was stopping me from explaining how I felt. So the physical manifestation is someone putting their hand in your mouth,” she explained. “But there’s an element, too, of liking that as well. It’s messed up. It’s addictive.”

She continued about the graphic visuals, “Violent, or beautiful? It’s kind of sexy, like emotional abuse can be tender. That’s why it’s messed up.”

“If you are in an emotionally abusive relationship, it can be tender, that’s why you stay. And you stay because there’s a poorly part of your mind that likes it,” she added.

Though she was very vocal on her past relationship, twigs remained tip-lipped about her current romance during the interview. When asked about her engagement to the Twilight actor, the “Good to Love” songstress immediately dodged the question.

“Good luck with that,” she told the interviewer. “No questions. No chance. I’m not getting involved.”