20 Pairs of Party Heels for the Perfect Night Out

Find the perfect pair of heels to go with your party outfit below!

Heels, as painful as they might be for some, are an essential part of a night out. Different types of heels — whether they be classic pumps, platforms, wedges or booties — can make your party outfit look ten times better than it would in flats. I suggest having both nude and black heels in your shoe collection; that way you can pair them with almost any outfit you own. You can also add in a heel with a different pattern or color for the times you want your feet to make more of a statement. Here are some different types of heels to help you look your best while partying.

Classic Pumps

Classic pumps are closed-toe heels that usually have a four- or five-inch heel. Pumps can be round- or pointy-toed and often have thin heels like stilettos. These heels are rather simple in design and come in solid colors. Yet, you can probably find a pair that breaks away from the norm with an array of straps or cool textures. Check out these five pumps below.


At first glance, platforms are intimidating but they are actually more comfortable than classic pumps. They have on average the same height as pumps, sometimes more, but the platform under the balls of your feet takes the strain off of your heels. Platforms are similar to pumps in design, but the additional height is what helps set them apart. Here are some platforms to consider.


Wedges are the most comfortable, because the are a hybrid between a heel and a flat, and they make walking and dancing for long periods of time much easier. Wedges do not normally have very high heels to add on to the comfort factor. Not to be mistaken with flats, these heels do have height and combine comfort with the glamour of heels. Check out a few of these wedge heel options.


Booties with heels are the best option for partying in colder weather. They cover the most of your foot and reach your ankles (unless they are cut-outs). The party venue won’t be very cold but the commute might be. Booties usually vary in heel shape, ranging from wedges to stiletto to chunky. The thinner the heel, the more formal the booties look. They’re also perfect for looking glamorous as you party. Here are five booties to choose from.

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