Teyana Taylor Finally Reveals the Secret to Her Insane Body with Her Own Fitness Program

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CREDIT: Getty Images

When Kanye Westdebuted his music video for “Fade” this year at the MTV Video Music Awards, all anyone could talk about for days after was Teyana Taylor‘s insane body.

Taylor’s body looked like an absolute piece of art as she danced around a gym, half naked and covered in oil, and when everyone remembered she’d recently given birth to her first child, we all collectively asked: how?!?

Taylor played coy for a few weeks, saying that she doesn’t really work out out or eat healthy, but just as soon as you were about to write her off as one of those annoying celebs with impeccable genes, she finally revealed her secret.

Last night (Oct. 26, 2016), Taylor unveiled the project she’s been working on the last few months: “Fade 2 Fitness,” her very own dance based workout plan.

Alongside another video of her oiled up and dancing the singer wrote, “I’m proud to FINALLYYYYYY announce FADE 2 FITNESS!!! Everyone, please check out the link in my bio! Sign up to stay updated on upcoming dance workouts and behind the scenes footage of my workout choreography that I did to get back in shape after having baby Junie! DONT SLEEP ON DANCE!!”

Taylor’s website is minimal right now, only allowing fans to pre-register for the plan, but the website ensures the dances will be fun, convenient enough to do at home and safe for pregnant women.

While we wait to see what else Taylor has in store for us, we’ll be busy watching “Fade” on repeat.