WATCH: Would Niall Horan Rather Eat Beef Tongue or Spend His Last Night on Earth with One of His Exes?

James Corden’s segment of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” with Niall Horan, Isla Fisher, and Ewan McGregor escalated quickly.

In Wednesday’s edition of the Late Late Show game where contestants must either answer a personal question or eat an “exotic” food item, Horan’s loyalty to his former One Direction bandmates and his ex-lovers was repeatedly tested. Corden asked Horan to reveal his least favorite One Direction member and he almost obliged until his partner, Fisher, offered to drink a salmon smoothie to avoid media backlash. (How loyal!) Horan turned the tables on Corden by asking him which celebrities he’s rejected from appearing on Carpool Karaoke. He and McGregor ate a scorpion instead.

Fisher was asked whether her husband Sascha Baron Cohen uses his Borat voice in the bedroom and she answered honestly rather than eating beef tongue. However, the unsavory dish came back to haunt her and Horan when Corden asked him which ex-girlfriend he’d rather spend his last night on earth with, the choices being Selena Gomez or Ellie Goulding. Discover the diplomatic One Directioner’s answer in the video at the top of the page and watch his performance of  his single “This Town” in the player below.