REPORT: A New Season of ‘Will & Grace’ Could Actually Be Happening 

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'Will & Grace'
CREDIT: Will McCormack/Twitter

According to Deadline, talks are underway to possibly bring back Will & Grace! With shows like Gilmore Girls, Full House and Arrested Development getting second chances in streaming, a property like the beloved NBC sitcom looks primed for a comeback.

Last month, a mini-episode was released, and it turned out to be a hit with fans, which is perhaps causing industry insiders to contemplate what it would take to give the world more of Grace (Debra Messing), Will (Eric McCormack), Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally). It turns out it won’t be simple as the show is in syndication, but where there’s a will (and Grace!) there’s a way.

Though absolutely nothing is set in stone at the moment, sources say TV execs are taking the first steps to determine if a new season is possible, which includes locking in the show’s four leads and the creators. A platform like Netflix is a good bet considering their history of reviving a number of well-known properties in the past. So far, the tentative plan is a single ten-episode season.

Stay tuned for new developments…