WATCH: Azealia Banks on Her Altercation with Russell Crowe: ‘I’m Just Really, Really Humiliated’

Azealia Banks Apologizes to Zayn Malik After Twitter Feud, Russell Crowe Altercation
In light of her recent confrontation with Russell Crowe, Azealia Banks wrote an...

Earlier this month, Azealia Banks attended a dinner party at the Beverly Hills Hotel hosted by Russell Crowe, during which she and the Oscar-winner reportedly got in a heated disagreement which culminated in Crowe putting her in a “bear hug” and handing her over to security. Recently, Banks sat down for an on-camera interview to talk about the incident.

“Every time, every time something like this happens I’m always like being blamed for, like, wanting this kind of attention. Like, who the fuck wants to tell somebody they got spat on?” Banks said in a new segment for Access Hollywood. “You know, that’s humiliating. And I’m just like really, really humiliated.”

Besides getting spit on, the 25-year-old performer also contends that Crowe choked her, threw her out of his hotel room and called her a racial slur. RZA, Crowe’s friend who invited Banks to the party, corroborated Banks’ claim that Crowe did indeed spit at the rapper, but said her other numerous claims are not true. RZA also said Banks was “out of control.”

Since the incident, Banks has pulled the plug on her recording contract with RZA, telling The Sun earlier this month that her “femininity feels stained.”

Watch Banks’ Access Hollywood interview above.