WATCH: Calvin Harris Debuts Taylor Swift-Inspired ‘My Way’ Music Video

Calvin Harris Flaunts Impressive Bulge in His Calvins
Calvin Harris stripped down to his Calvins.

Calvin Harris released the music video for “My Way,” the song many consider to be about Taylor Swift.

Other than the fact that it looks like he was inspired by the movie, The Notebook, there are many other references in the vid that may or may not be about his ex-girlfriend.

The video itself is a futuristic take on a break-up that sees the couple’s relationship disintegrate before their eyes. But, what we really care about is how he got away with including Swift in his video without making it obvious.

Well, he did it with the video’s backdrops and wardrobe choices. These screengrabs might look very familiar because they look exactly like clips from Swift’s music videos.

CREDIT: Calvin Harris VEVO/Taylor Swift VEVO

Then there’s this:

CREDIT: Calvin Harris VEVO

How much more evidence do we need? Polka dots and the same setting.

CREDIT: Taylor Swift VEVO

Whether not this is just a coincidence, Harris definitely has Swift on his mind.