Details on How Law Enforcement Found Rihanna’s Backup Dancer Emerge

Shirlene Quigley, a backup dancer for Rihanna and Beyoncé, shared a touching photo and a message to the police officers that searched for her when she went missing.

Pictured with law enforcement officers, Quigley offered words of gratitude to those who spread the message of her disappearance on social media and to the NYPD for their relentless search that brought her to safety. “Thank you everyone for your prayers, love, and support… GOD is so good,” she wrote in the caption of the photo below. “Special unconditional thank you to our NYPD who literally served and protected… we are so blessed beyond measure to have people like these gentleman who put their lives on the line daily to help us… I am spending time with family and will return to the dance floor Monday… words can not express the joy and gratitude my souls feel.”

Quigley was found on Tuesday (Oct. 25, 2016) after a dozen detectives combed Manhattan’s West Side to search for her when she was reported missing by a friend on Sunday (Oct. 23, 2016). The friend told officials that Quigley had missed a dance class and had been “acting strangely” in recent days. According to, her father in California said that she hadn’t received a regular phone call from her either.

The North Bergen Police Department worked with the NYPD to provide footage of Quigley outside of the Port Authority Bus Terminal and with a cell phone that she left behind at a bridal shop in Chelsea. On Tuesday afternoon, a 911 caller on the West Side reported a woman wandering “in and out of traffic,” who was admitted to a city hospital under a name other than ‘Shirlene Quigley.’ Det. Sgt. David Dowd, who led the investigation, later walked by one of the many fliers that had been posted by North Bergen Police in addition to artists like Missy Elliott on social media and recognized Quigley as the woman that was walking through traffic. They later confirmed her identity based on a physical description that included a “pair of distinctive tattoos.”

“I commend our police department for its swift response and the combination of new technologies and old fashioned detective work that led them to locate Ms. Quigley safely and help her be reunited with her family,” said North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco in a statement, commending his officers for having “truly distinguished themselves in this case.”