John Mayer Says New Music Is Coming ‘Within Days,’ Reveals Album’s Title

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Listen up, John Mayer fans! New music is coming.

According to the singer, his band, the John Mayer Trio, will be releasing a new single very soon. In fact, he believes it could be just days before tracks will make its way to the public.

“Very soon. Very, very soon,” he tells Entertainment Tonight. “Within days. Within weeks — a very scant number of weeks.”

Though the musician refuses to say the name of his single, Mayer’s drummer, Steve Jordan, accidentally revealed the title for the upcoming album.

“The last time when we first came together for tsunami relief we were starting the Continuum album, and so now we’re doing this relief and it’s in the middle of, or finishing John’s newest album, The Search for Everything,” he says.

“Steve has announced the record now twice—the name of the record twice—and I have not told anybody,” Mayer says, laughing.

The Search for Everything will be Mayer’s first album since 2013’s Paradise Valley.

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