Report: Mariah Carey Is Demanding $50 Million from James Packer

Mariah Carey Accused of Cheating as More Ugly Relationship Details Emerge
As we previously reported, Mariah Carey and Aussie billionaire James Packer’s...

In recent days, a slew of troubling headlines surfaced regarding the increasingly volatile fallout between Mariah Carey and her billionaire beau James Packer after they had a huge fight in Greece. There’s talk of Packer’s ill treatment of Carey’s assistant and even a cheating scandal involving one of the singer’s backup dancers, Bryan Tanaka. Now, the 46-year-old songstress is reportedly demanding some funds from the Aussie for the turmoil he’s caused.

According to TMZ, Carey quietly told Packer’s camp that she wants $50 million dollars from the businessman as compensation for the highly-publicized disagreement the couple had on a yacht in Greece. The event rattled Carey so much, she had to cancel the South American portion of her tour.

On top of that, Carey’s insiders shared that it was Packer who asked Carey to uproot her life in New York and more to L.A. so he could see his children as often as possible. The billionaire also reportedly made financial agreements with Carey, which he has yet to fulfill.

As she and Packer hammer out this supposed arrangement, Carey is still enjoying the nightlife with Tanaka. The pair was spotted with friends at celeb-friendly Nobu in Malibu just last night.