WATCH: Jennifer Lopez Endorses Hillary Clinton On Stage

Hillary Clinton turned to Jennifer Lopez to help rally Florida voters with a performance in Miami Saturday night (Oct. 29, 2016). Lopez brought Clinton out on stage and gave her an enthusiastic endorsement.

“Now I’m getting excited,” Lopez told the cheering crowd. “Because we about to have… our first woman president!” The singer then performed “Respect” and “Let’s Get Loud” before bringing the Democratic presidential nominee onstage.

“You know we’re at a crossroads,” she began her endorsement. “And we have to take the right road to the future. And we have the perfect person to take us there, and it is my honor to introduce you to her tonight.” Lopez introduced Clinton as “the next and first female president of the United States.”

Clinton came out onstage and greeted Lopez with an enthusiastic hug before introducing the crowd. Calling this “the most important election of our lives,” she encouraged the audience to vote.

“We just heard Jennifer perform ‘Let’s Get Loud,’ well I say let’s get loud at the voting booth.” She closed by asking the audience to repeat “Love trumps hate.”

TMZ noted that Lopez’s ex, Marc Anthony joined her on stage at the event.