Chris Rock Says Samantha Bee and Amy Schumer Aren’t Making Comedy for Him

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Comedian Chris Rock has been thinking a lot about what makes a good stand-up comic. He’s directed Amy Schumer’s HBO special and is preparing to release two of his own on Netflix. He recently spoke about comedy at Produced By: New York, a conference put on by The Producers Guild of America.

According to TheWrap, Rock was asked how he determines what is funny as a producer. A lot of the time, he said, he has to defer to what he doesn’t know.

“Some people aren’t making comedy for me. Like Samantha Bee. Okay, this is not for me particularly, this is for a certain group of women,” Rock said. He drew on his experience directing Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo, saying he looked specifically to include material that he didn’t understand.

“I wanted all the s**t I didn’t know about, you know what I mean? It’s like, oh, this thing about the yeast infection. Let’s keep that because I don’t know s**t about yeast infections,” Rock said.

Rock also imparted some advice to other comics: Be funny to the people that look like you first, worry about other audiences later. “If you can’t make people that look like you laugh, something’s wrong.”