WATCH: Justin Bieber Explains His Behavior, Again, to His Audience

Justin Bieber Scolds 'Obnoxious' Fans for Screaming at His Concert
Justin Bieber asked screaming concertgoers to “take a chill pill”

Justin Bieber addressed his fans once again Saturday night (Oct. 29) to explain that what they get onstage is the real, unfiltered Bieb.

Bieber’s “Purpose” tour brought the singer to Scotland, according to a report by TMZ. On stage, he addressed reports of him demanding his fans stop screaming and listen while he talks during his concerts.

His comments mostly mirror what he posted to and then quickly deleted from Twitter yesterday. Bieber explains that he feels that if he didn’t use his platform to say what he truly feels, he would be doing himself and everyone in the audience an injustice. “I don’t pretend to be perfect and I hope to God that I don’t say the right thing all the time because if that was the case then I’d be a  robot, and I’m not a robot,” he said.

Bieber then promised the crowd that no matter what, he’s always going to be himself onstage and closed the show with the song “Purpose.”