Khloé Kardashian Too Busy Making Out with Tristan Thompson to Notice She’s Being Dragged on Twitter

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Rob Kardashian and his bride-to-be, Blac Chyna, haven’t been all that lovey dovey.

For the latest post on her app, Khloé Kardashian had someone photoshop some of the latest hair and makeup trends onto her face and head. Unfortunately, she forgot to pass on the memo asking that certain controversial looks not be included.

Despite the fact that Kardashian’s own sister, Kendall Jenner, received tons of backlash after walking down the runway sporting multicolored dreadlocks during a Marc Jacobs fashion show, Kardashian still decided to give the look a go. In the caption, Kardashian admitted she “despised” the look, saying she loved the dreadlocks, especially on Jenner, but didn’t think she could pull them off.

It didn’t take long for fans to catch wind of Kardashian’s latest antics and as soon as she tweeted out the pictures, they were quick to call her out for cultural appropriation.

Kardashian has yet to respond to the criticism, but that’s probably because she was too busy making out with her new beau Tristan Thompson to notice. Kardashian shared snaps as she and Thompson celebrated their first Halloween together as a couple. Kardashian dressed up as Storm from X-Men for the Cleveland Cavaliers Halloween party, while Thompson went as the Black Panther.


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Kardashian affectionately called Thompson “baby” in her snaps, even sharing videos of the two grinding on each other and literally sucking each other’s tongues.


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While Kardashian ignored the controversy brewing on her timeline, she created a whole new one when she shared a group Halloween photo, in which one of her friends was dressed in traditional Arab clothing. Fans quickly called Kardashian out once again for being complicit in cultural appropriation.

Happy Halloween

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Strangely enough, Kardashian came under fire just a few years ago after posting a picture with Scott Disick in which he wore the same exact costume.

Sheik Pussy

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It seems as though Kardashian will never learn.