WATCH: Chris Evans Is Giving Us Major Feels in the ‘Gifted’ Trailer

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In the upcoming family drama Gifted, it looks like Chris Evans digs deep, and we are right there with him. Plus, this is the movie he fell in love with his real-life girlfriend, Jenny Slate!

Evans plays a single man named Frank who became a surrogate dad to his young niece, Mary (newcomer McKenna Grace), after his sister’s death. Sending her to public school for the first time, he soon discovers Mary is a math prodigy, but instead of putting her into a gifted program, he opts to keep Mary where she is so she can have a normal childhood.

Enter Frank’s mother (Lindsay Duncan), who feels Frank is limiting her granddaughter’s potential and battles him in court for custody. Yeah, we can feel the sting in our eyes already.

Evans’ girlfriend Slate plays Mary’s teacher, and you can just get a glimpse of the chemistry between the two. Watch the trailer above!

Gifted opens in theaters April 12, 2017.