Chris Harrison Says New ‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall Has Already Shed ‘Man Tears’

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Nick Viall finally gets his moment in the spotlight as "The Bachelor."

Chris Harrison guarantees you’ll need tissues for Season 21 of The Bachelor because Nick Viall is seriously emotional.

Speaking with On With Mario Lopez (via Us Weekly), the franchise’s longtime moderator admitted Viall, who some fans aren’t keen about after his polarizing turns on two Bachelorette seasons, has had a rough go of it.

“I know people were a little reluctant, and they’re giving him a hard time,” Harrison said. “I hope those people will just trust that we know what we’ve been doing over 15 years. He’s a good man — he’s a really good guy. And he’s doing a good job.”

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Harrison added, “I will say — a little inside baseball because we’re in the middle of taping right now — he hit a little low point, as all of the Bachelors do. You kind of reach this emotional bottom where you get stripped down. If you know what a Mesnick is, I will let you know that he pulled a full Mesnick. There will be man tears on this season for sure.” (Jason Mesnick was famously known for losing it completely it in 2009.)

As it is wont to do, the season hit a turning point and now it’s become an “emotional mess,” a source told Us. “Nick was handling everything really well — then everything hit him, and he had a full meltdown. All of the girls have been crying too. Multiple girls have been crying.”

The Bachelor returns to ABC in January 2017.