This Video of Gabrielle Union, Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno Eating Beef Sandwiches Will Make You Hungry

Gabrielle Union Addresses 'Birth of a Nation' Boycott
Gabrielle Union has some words for those people who are boycotting 'Birth of a Nation' because of Nate Parker.

Who knew Gabrielle Union is such a foodie?

During her latest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the actress opened up about her love of the dessert cart at Chicago’s Wrigley Field and her not-so-secret recipe for the perfect candied ham. (Spoiler alert: it contains Coca-Cola, brown sugar, and pineapple juice!)

“It’s super healthy,” she joked. “It’s gluten-free, I’m pretty sure.”

Once talk show host Jimmy Fallon got onto the subject of the best sandwiches, he surprised both Union and Jay Leno, who was also a guest that night, with the meaty creations from his favorite Windy City eatery, Mr. Beef. Based on how quickly they all devoured the sandwich upon first sight, we’d say it was a pretty tasty treat.

Watch them take a bite out of stacks of beef — below!