Gloria Allred Says Race Is a ‘Bogus Issue’ in Bill Cosby’s Case at Pretrial Hearing

Bill Cosby arrived at a Pennsylvania courthouse this morning (Nov. 1, 2016) for a pretrial hearing where he will attempt to have the sexual assault charges brought against him dismissed.

Cosby, who is now “legally blind,” according to his lawyers, carried a cane and held onto the arm of a gentleman from his legal team as he entered the hearing. The case focuses on allegations by Andrea Constand, the former director of operations for Temple Universty’s women’s basketball team. Since Constand’s accusations were made public, over 50 women came forth to accuse Cosby of drugging and/or sexual misconduct. According to ABC News, District Attorney Kevin Steele says that the prosecution has investigated nearly 50 of the women’s cases and has asked the court to allow evidence of 13 of them through as “prior bad acts.”

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred showed up at the hearing and addressed the media on the issue of race during a break in the proceeding on the courthouse steps. Cosby has previously claimed that he is a victim of racial bias, but Allred dismissed this notion given that a few of his accusers are African-American.

“I see this as an issue of whether or not there was gender violence, not whether there’s race involved,” said Allred.

Cosby’s lawyers are working to keep women out of the courtroom, claiming that he can no longer defend himself or recognize his accusers due to blindness. On Monday, the AP reported that his legal team accused prosecutors of trying to use “tainted, unreliable memories of women, now in their senior years” to build a case against him and will seek competency hearings on any accusers allowed to testify. They said that their memories have been “marred by time, media coverage of the case and their friendship with one another.” Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, the defense psychologist who studies human memory said that at least four of the women “did not realize that they were victims until they heard the accusations of other women in the media.”

Cosby has not pleaded guilty and asserts that he cannot recall memories stretching back to the 1960s.