So Spoiled: Who Will Stand by Alex on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ as His Trial Approaches?

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Curious what’s in store for Amelia and Alex on Grey’s Anatomy?

“Clearly Amelia is starting to feel really safe with Alex in a way that’s unexpected,” Caterina Scorsone shared. “I don’t think she knew she was going to talk to him about her core trauma, and suddenly and unexpectedly he was this safe place for her to say something that she had not been able to say to anyone, including Derek. Now she’s seeing him as this potential safe place. I don’t know how the hospital will be divided, but I imagine Amelia has some pretty affectionate feelings toward Alex right now that he was able to witness her in her darkest moments and in this unique way.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Keen to find out how this season of Westworld ends? A brand new clip teases hosts fighting back against their designers, a shadow group of newcomers and more revelations about the maze.

“It’s a difficult thing, realizing your entire life is some hideous fiction. It’s all a story created by you to keep us here,” Maeve (Thandie Newton) says to one of parks’ programmers. “I’d like to make some changes.” [GameSpot]

Dying to see Kovar (played Dolph Lundgren) arrive on Arrow? The Russian baddie will make his debut in episode 506, which premieres on Nov. 9, 2016.

“What is interesting about Kovar is he has a mix of intelligence and physical presence that we haven’t necessarily seen,” said EP Marc Guggenheim. “He’s physically bigger than a lot of our villains that we’ve had in the past.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Desperate to know what comes next for Snow and Charming on Once Upon a Time?

As the Evil Queen prepares to attack the individual she loathes most, “the shared heart between Snow and Charming comes into play as they are bonded in this new battle,” said series co-creator Adam Horowitz. [TV Line]