Jake Gyllenhaal Promises to Strip Down Naked if He Wins an Oscar This Year

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The actor is worried about the possible election of The Donald.

Jake Gyllenhaal promised Ellen DeGeneres that he’ll take his shirt off on her show if he wins an Oscar.

Although the actor is naked in a lot of his films, he refuses to strip down for anything else. So even though the daytime host tried everything to get Gyllenhaal to take off his shirt on the show, he didn’t do it — that is, until she offered him a deal.

“You’re so good, you should be nominated,” DeGeneres said about his role in the upcoming film, Nocturnal Animals. “You should win an Oscar this year.”

“Are you trying to get my shirt off? Gyllenhaal joked. “Yeah, and if you get nominated you’ll come back and take your shirt off,” DeGeneres hilariously negotiated. “Okay,” he promised.

Later on in the show, the 35-year-old played a game of “Make Jake,” where he had to complete challenges to get the audience free prizes. Watch below!